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Update on my L87 alternator location issue.

Along with everything else that was changed in regards to my alternator, water pump and pulleys, I found my fan is wrong too. It is a March 99 corvette 5 blade fan (#912239).

The car was never wrecked and has the original radiator, so who knows why someone changed things. I now am convinced that I need to get what I need to correct the situation.

I already purchased the correct date long water pump. Also found the wiring harness for the alternator splits off from the rest of the wiring harness right in the center of the core support.
This meant I only had to redirect the wiring the other direction (which I did and it worked out perfectly).

From my research, I believe I need:
- Alternator lower bracket 3940939
- Alternator upper bracket 3940941
- Alternator rear brace 3940942
- Alternator spacer 3940943
- Water pump pulley (1 grove deep) 3947824BV
- Crank Pulley (2 grove deep) 3955291
- Fan 5 blade without clutch 3939001

I would like to have original parts, but they appear to very expensive. They do make reproductions that I may have to get for now.

By the way, I am lucky enough to have the original engine for my car. I do have a spare L78 that will be for sale at some point. It is a 69 Chevelle block 3955272 date F169 JD along with crank, pistons, and rods.

Thanks for everyones advice.
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