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Here's a bunch of detail pictures...if you hover over the pictures, it will give you some info about the picture!

Name:  1a_The unique to early 66 picture frame shift boot.jpeg
Views: 679
Size:  212.4 KB

Name:  1b_Tag and buckle on Hamill deluxe belt.jpeg
Views: 694
Size:  215.5 KB

Name:  1d_LOF logo on the original tinted windshield.jpeg
Views: 670
Size:  98.9 KB

Name:  1e_Proper 66 wiper arm, dull, shiny, then dull Trico blade holder with three rib blade.jpeg
Views: 687
Size:  170.4 KB

Name:  1f_Original 3139 Holley carb.jpeg
Views: 676
Size:  284.8 KB

Name:  2_Original dated plug wires with non-trademark R dist cap and 204 coil.jpeg
Views: 682
Size:  183.1 KB

Name:  3_396 Chevelle only PS reservoir set up.jpeg
Views: 683
Size:  165.7 KB

Name:  3a_unique to early '66 remote reservoir.jpeg
Views: 683
Size:  159.3 KB

Name:  4_Early big block PS adjusting brace.jpeg
Views: 682
Size:  195.4 KB

Name:  5_Air filter service sticker, also note circle S stamp.jpeg
Views: 684
Size:  184.1 KB

Name:  6_Billet machined PCV valve.jpeg
Views: 674
Size:  133.8 KB

Name:  7_lower radiator hose.jpeg
Views: 676
Size:  161.8 KB

Name:  8_oil cannister.jpeg
Views: 690
Size:  190.6 KB

Name:  8a_Small AC fuel pump.jpeg
Views: 681
Size:  123.1 KB

Name:  8b_starter.jpeg
Views: 690
Size:  221.1 KB

Name:  9_Both sets of original keys with knock-outs intact .jpeg
Views: 681
Size:  127.2 KB

Name:  10_bellhousing.jpeg
Views: 689
Size:  217.0 KB

Name:  11_Muncie M20 with shift linkage, backup switch and trans tag.jpeg
Views: 677
Size:  131.4 KB

Name:  12_partial vin stamp.jpeg
Views: 682
Size:  129.6 KB

Name:  13a_shift linkage.jpeg
Views: 670
Size:  139.6 KB
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