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IF you put install it and hold it EXACTLY correctly inside the car originally--
Does the overspray of spatter match the "correct" assembly line "masked" areas or do the spatter overspray patterns match a "slipped down" divider board?

I think it matches up with the "slipped down board masking"

As an aside to trans port the board around use piece of thin luan plywood -

WHEN YOU CLEAN IT... DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO FOR 100% - especially given it's location-
Do all of this dry - and use a air blower to blow away after dislodging the contaminants.

1. take fairly stiff bristled brush and lightly use a circular pattern to begin to remove what ever you want to remove. - if that is not dislodging material - what is happening?
2 would a stiffer brush or more pressure or a more abrasive brush work better?
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