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Originally Posted by Lynn View Post
Checked the # 2 wire with an ohm meter, and compare with others? Not likely you got two bad ones, but possible.

Next step is kind of a pain, but assuming you have put an ohm meter on the two (2) plug wires you have tried, and they both show good, next step is to pull the distributor, put it in 180 out. Rotate all the wires 180. Start it up. If #3 now has a weak spark, you have pinpointed the distributor as the issue. If #2 still has weak spark, you have eliminated the distributor as the issue. Not likely the coil if it only affects one cylinder.

If you don't have a spare distributor laying around, I would be glad to send you a functioning one (won't be curved exactly right for your car, but will at least let you know if it is the distributor.
Holy cow what a nice offer, and I very much appreciate that.. I do happen to have a spare distributor here with me. I am going to try and put it in. I will also consider the experiment you mentioned here. I think I will be able to solve this soon.
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