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Default Re: Ryan Weaver's 1969 Olds Cutlass S W31 Club Coupe

A little back and forth between Nick and I:-)

Me: Did "we" get the Italian gears?

If so, how much?


"I actually did. I found a new set of Italian made gears for $XXX including shipping. It was a close out New Year’s special, last set he had. I also scored the tail housing and a pair of Torque lock sliders. I emailed a shop in Wisconsin who may have the bolt on type shifter shafts. I am still looking for the bolt type reverse shaft.

I took all of the drive gears off the main shaft today. There are supposed to be 4 “tension” springs on the 2 slider hubs that keep the 3 “keys” in place and push the synchros forward on each shift. As you know the synchros “speed” up the next gear to be shifted which makes it smooth and reduces the possibility of grinding the gears. Well, your trans had no tension springs at all. I was going to replace them with the heavy duty type anyway but this is very odd. No worries, all will be taken care of as I have several sets of those springs. Pictures will be coming tomorrow. Had to go to the dentist this afternoon.

Nick "

Wow, you are on fire!!

I took the springs before sending it to you as a test:-) (kidding)

An inexperienced guy could "rebuild" that POS Trans putting every single part back as it came apart and waste all the time and money just like that, missing parts, welded chunks, Frankenstein would be proud:-)

Dentist give you a good drilling and filling?


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