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Default My not so Little 69 Project.

Finally it's time to get serious and finish up a restoration project I bought and started back in 2015. This car is a low mile Z/28 converted from being a street car to a Super Stock car in the early 70's by the original owner Kym Miller. It had 22,000 miles at that time and never saw the street or weather elements again. After being owned by a handful of Canadian racers over the course of 45 years, I bought the car in 2015. I then stripped the car back in the fall of 2015 and then sent it out for body and paint which was completed back in the spring of 2016.

Since getting it back on all 4 as a roller, I'have done very little other than collect and restore parts while pushing it around from bay to bay and pondering different ideas of how to finish and restore the car. Now that I have finished playing with a couple other projects, I have cleared my plate where I can now dedicate time to this cars completion. With the body retaining it's original panels, it's been restored and painted in its original 79 Rally Green with white stripes. Early 2019 will now see the project coming full swing to its ultimate completion.

I have all of the parts to complete the car with most of its parts now restored and ready to install. A warranty coded CE302 was built last year and was completely balanced and blueprinted. A freshly restored M21 and 12 Bolt were also redone and the car will now go back together to stock original Z/28 trim. Lets start with a few pictures showing the cars history as a drag racer.

Kimberly BC Off Highway Drags - Circa 1970 (Kym Miller Original Owner). This was his first drag race in the spring of 1970 and the rest as they say...was history. The car then became a full time drag car with Kym owning it until passed along to a friend in 1980

Saskatoon Dragways in Day 2 Street Trim - Circa 1971 (Kym Miller Original Owner)\

Edmonton International in Modified S/S Street Trim - Circa 1972 (Kym Miller Original Owner)

Fort St John, B.C. Closed Highway Drags S/S Debut Trim - Circa 1973 (Kym Miller Original Owner)

Fort St John, B.C. Closed Highway Drags S/S Debut Trim - Circa 1973 (Kym Miller Original Owner)

Seattle Washington in full LA Super Stock Trim - Circa 1974 (Kym Miller Original Owner)

Seattle Washington in JA Super Stock Trim - Circa 1978 (Kym Miller Original Owner)

Seattle Circa 1980/1981 in JA Super Stock (Randy Becker Second Owner)
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