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Default Printed Registry

We are still working on an actual registry "book". Steve and I have been discussing the format that it should ultimately have, but for now I am printing a half dozen copies of the registry as it is now configured to take to MCACN. The only changes to the registry pages that you can currently access here on this site are that the pictures are 3 times bigger and the text is 2 times bigger. the "book" is 78 pages (printed on both sides) It is laser printed on good quality photo paper and bound. We are not trying to sell the printed registry at this time because these limited quantities make it too expensive IMO ($70.00 a copy is my cost). We just want to get feedback at the show & make changes as appropriate.

What we now need is for some of you folks who have been involved in the supercar scene for many years to consider writing a brief (1 or 2 type written pages) summary of your supercar adventures. People love to hear about your involvement! Your searches - your racing experience - your crashes (oops)! guys like Ed Cunneen have already provided their input. There will not be any politics involved - we know that the hobby has been a little too "competitive" at times in the past.

Please forward your brief to me - even if it's not "polished" - we can work on it together.

Can't wait for the show!
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