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Default Brake Dust from Brembo Brakes

I know some of you guys on here own 5th or 6th Gen Camaros. I own a 2017 SS I bought new. I only have just over 2,000 miles on it (it's not my daily driver). Since it was new I have noticed it produces a lot of black brake dust even now after 2,000 miles that really turns the silver wheels sort of a dark gray. Is this something that lessens as the brakes get more broken in, or is it a continuing problem? I asked my dealership service dept. about it and they just said that it's the price one pays for having high performance brakes and wasn't likely to lessen any.
I know I have seen numerous Mercedes and BMW's especially with much brake dust on mainly the front wheels. My Camaro has equal dust on the front and back wheels. I am constantly having to clean all 4 wheels. Let me know your experiences with your Camaros and brake dust. Thank you.
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