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Ya I know were pushing the old block that's for sure. Engine Analyzer Pro that we use at that shop and were usually close. Mine modeled out at 835Hp so that's why we think the block is moving around.

We have a few stock block pushing more then 800Hp. It's all the attention to details. My "052" block has been cryo treated and then sent out for vac sealing too. Does it help, ????? Don't know but that fact that I have tried it gives me some piece of mine at 7300RPM I did what I could to keep it together. I don't really follow the norm with what things are "good" too? I have a 498 in a old Bowtie block that make 1270+ on motor with the cast single 4 intake. People say things are "good" to X amount of power or RPM's, but that doesn't take into account the weight of the rotating assembly? My billet crank is like 38lbs compare to a stock one that's around 70lbs, then you add light alum rods, superlight pistons and pins, it's all the little details. So the rotating assembly is less then 1/2 of what a typical BBc could be.

My ZL-1 has a Scat superlight crank, 2.100 (SB chevy) rod journals down from 2.200 BBc are and light weight rods and pistons/pins. Will it last?????? So far about 20 dyno pulls we seem good, nothing showing on the rod or main bearings, so in the car she goes.

Now what is a GM forged BBc crank "good" too? I don't know. But I do know Sam Gianino used to us offset ground GM OEM cranks for his 548 2 stage Nitrous motors and they last a couple seasons. So dod Scott Schafiroff in "The Fun City Flyer" 1st gen. Camaro with the 496 that ran 7's. And the new ZL-1 blocks are rated at 650 really is a joke. There was one I knew off running in a Nostalgia Top Fuel car for 2 season. I talked to the guy about buy it, but for the $$$ and that it was a complete TF short just kept me away. I think it ran low 6 in Top Fuel. Had to be making over 2000Hp with that block and running I believe 98% Nitro.
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