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Wrong!! Why do I get myself into these predicaments? Why can't I ever have nice cars? Why do I crave creating crap into crystal??

After looking over the truck cab, the fire did such a number on it that a donor cab was needed. So where's one to find a 1952 F1 cab laying around? Welp, glad you asked! I live in nowhereville now, and as such, these trucks are pretty plentiful around here. So, like I do eeeeevvvryyyy morning: (ssssiiippp)ahhhhh.... man that's good coffee. Alrighty, let's see...craigslist....Dallas....(tippity-type)....1952.........(enter)....hmmmm......"1952 Ford F1 flathead solid" [snort]ppllffllppp....cough....(coffee through the nose) Holy Crap! That's it!!

And two days later, it's in the shop! 100% complete 1952 F1 with an 8BA flatty and 4 gear on the floor! More to come.....

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