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Default Tracking down my father's old AAR 'Cuda

Hello all!

I've seen a few of these "searching for" threads on here with success so I figured I'd throw out a search for one of my father's old AAR's.

This car is not on the AAR 'Cuda registry. However after years of searching I finally ran an official VIN check and sure enough it came up that the car is currently registered (2019) in North Dakota. Before that it was in Missouri until 2016. My dad sold this car in the early 80's in Kansas City so it seems the car never went far from home until recently.

Car info-
VIN: BS23J0B287503
Lime light
Black Interior
Urethane bumpers front and rear

My father owned this car for a handful of years and it was his daily driver during college. He rebuilt the engine and said he overall helped the car get back into a good driver.

Attached is a picture when he was rebuilding the engine. You can see the AAR, his '72 Chevelle, and his parents cars in the background. Next is the AAR Association membership he received back in the 70's. You can see this car's VIN as well as another one. He also had a red (Tor-red I believe?) AAR with a 426 hemi swapped in. The second VIN is incomplete and seems to be missing some digits, however it was a true AAR as seen by the "BS23JOB....." VIN.
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