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Quick History, Ordered by Barry Hopper in 1963 from Red Chick Pontiac in Suffern NY. Spent its whole life in the same town (New City NY). It was ordered for one purpose. the 1/4 mile. Barry and his brother Wayne owned the local Atlantic Gas station in town and were well known as the real deal Drag Racers in the area. They went every weekend. Barry was the driver and muscles (gears/trans) and Wayne was the tuner and #'s man. The Mystery Indian ran on the National Record.
As a 12 year old I frequent the station, either walking by or getting gas with the family. Even made trips to the track to see the car run, what a time to be alive.
During the week the Indian was always on the 3rd lift, in the air (beyond any touching) and I always broke my neck to take a look. Then Barry went in the service, I'd see his cousin drive by the High School once in a while, you could hear it coming over the crest, the whole gym class would stop to look.
Then it was gone, heard it got stolen, but reappeared when he got out of the service.
This is where things happen. the brothers both ordered 2 new almost identical ram Air IV GTO's, one 4 speed and one auto, and began racing again. By now I bought my first new car an SS LS6 Chevelle from Baldwin Chevy (another story) and worked part time for the Hopper Bros. The 64 got a heart transplant around 1971/2 a Ram Air 4 motor! The tri power went on with a 65 manifold , a set of JR custom round port headers and it was off to the races. Well it didn't go well, the car slammed the national records and was asked for tear down, Knowing what they had, the car was put on the trailer to start its long hibernation. In the late 70's Barry was Transplanting the family to Florida, he called me up and asked if I wanted to buy the car with all the parts with the Ram air motor still installed. Got a loan and bought the car and eventually bought the brothers Ram Air 4 unrestored GTO that won the Summer Nationals at E Town in 75. So now I've been the care taker for these GTO's for over 40 years, but love doing the 1/4 in the Mystery Indian, just as when I was a kid back in the good old days when there was Muscle Cars at every garage and parking lot.
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