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Somewhere is a thread I posted years ago when Steven had his party and we all finally got to see his stuff on display. Floor to ceiling the walls were full. Prototype (Fred) was one of the idiots that spent days with Steven laying out the posters etc on the floor to mirror just how it would all look on the wall. Then it was all attached to the walls with a ungodly amount of Velcro. How much Velcro was it Fred ?
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Before the Velcro was the plywood.

There was an attempt to hang signs, clocks, etc. Steven got frustrated and had plywood put up over the drywall with plug ins everywhere, then you could hang anything, anywhere without worry of it pulling through the drywall (errrrr sheetrock as Steven called it, I'd never heard it called sheetrock, must be a NY thing).

As the walls were laid out on the floor Steven would be keep asking the size of the open areas and the colours around them and knew in his head of what he had in inventory that would fit in the open space and come out with something that would fit.

The Scat Pack girl with the kite, Sox and Martin drag parachute, 60's music area with orange shag rug and any animated sign made the place special to me.

The first time I went to Stevens house I remember seeing half a dozen cars and a big block Cobra CSX3329, he had an animated neon sign and I was just mesmerized by the reflection of the neon flickering on/off in the paint on the hood. The basement was silent and just hearing the clicking of the sign going on/off was super cool. I sat down on the white shock chairs (which demonstrated a good and bad shock) and almost fell over on the one with a bad shock.....I felt like such a dork.

When he first got the RTS Hemi Road Runner he was wondering how the hell he was going to figure out how to match the paint back to it's former glory. Then the rear spoiler was found preserved in a blanket and had all the original paint and colours on the car, another typical Steven story.

Memories....great memories.
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Originally Posted by Luvchevs View Post
Steven wasn't a Yenko fan Bob?
Was referring more to the fact that it was a reproduction. When I sorted through everything, there was nothing Yenko related. A few Motion pieces and some great Chevrolet Sports Department items, but nothing Yenko.

Bob Ashton
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