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11-17-2006, 05:57 AM

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Re: ZL-1 Camaro

OK, I have been reading these posts and thought i would clarify a few things that i know first hand about this ZL1.
1. First off it was CLIFF BRISTOW MOTORS in Three Hills Alberta, who did end up with the car as sssteve noted.
2. The ZL1 block sat at GILMOUR ENTERPRISES where i worked from 1974 to 1979. At that time i was told that it was owned by a Mr. Ron Prisnee who worked at Airport Welding in Calgary. The block had a lot of Tig welding on the sides of the block as well as the intake valley if memory serves me correctly. I was told by Ken Gilmour that it had been frozen up in the # 2 Rat Patrol Race Car.
3. I think that the Rat Patrol 70 Camaro did not recieve this engine until around late 1970 to 71. Rollie Johnson was involved with this car, but the first Rat Patrol was a 68 Camaro. I do not know if the ZL1 block ever was in the 68 Rat Patrol, but i dont think so.
When i saw # 2 Rat Patrol it had a Crower Injector and i think the car was run in B/G or B/A with the ZL1.
3. I was told that the 69 ZL1 car sat at Cliff Bristow Motors until early to middle 1970, because everyone who looked at the car near had a coronary when they looked at the window sticker. It was also rumoured that Cliff Bristow Motors then put a 396/375HP complete engine assembly into the car so they could sell it before the 71 models came out and also because they wanted to use the engine in the Rat Patrol # 2.
# 4. I also was told that the block was at the Spokane Swap meet where either Ed Cunnen or Ray Behrend saw it and realized what it was, probably buying it instantly.
# 5. I had 2 curved oil pan windage trays from Gilmours, 1 of them was rumoured to be off this ZL1, it has since been sold to a well known ZL1 collector in San Fransico.
# 6. I had this block in my Dads garage in 1976 or 77, i was going to buy it off either Ken Gilmour or Ron Prisnee, but the amount of welding scared me and i just plain did not know what i had at that time. STUPID!!!!!!!
# 7. I never heard about this engine block ever being in a dragster, When i saw it, there was still welding left to be done, to close off cracks.

Hope this post might add some new insights regarding this rare piece of GM Muscle Car History. Thanks to sssteve for jogging my memory.
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