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Default Greg's 1969 RS/SS Camaro Denver Hugger Special

Hello Bruce. I was interested in submitting my car for a Member's Rides article.

It's an interesting car, a 1969 RS/SS Camaro Denver Hugger Special, 4-Speed. The NCRS Shipping Data information shows that it was delivered to Stevinson Chevrolet in Golden, Colorado. The car has the special paint code "- -" on the trim tag, and the color is powder blue or Carolina Blue. Here are a couple of pictures. I wanted to submit the car because it is unusual, but also because I would like to see if anyone has a good picture of the Denver Hugger Special emblem that was placed on both front fenders (aluminum tag above the Camaro emblem). The two on my car are totally faded, and you can only see a very light image of the design. I would like to get a good picture to reproduce the emblem (or possibly obtain a replacement if anybody were to have one available). Images on the internet are very limited and not good enough to duplicate.

One of the reasons I wanted to have my car featured in the Member's Rides section was to see if anyone had a good picture of the Denver Hugger Special emblem. As I was preparing this email, I did another search and I actually found a good picture of what it should look like. I also found an old advertisement that talks specifically about the Denver Hugger Specials being sold in the Denver area.

Per the NCRS Shipping Data Report, my car was delivered to Stevinson Chevrolet in Golden, Colorado, and the official production date was 03/24/1969. There is a picture is one of the faded emblems that's on my car. It's very faint, but you can see the words Denver Hugger Special. The other emblem has no traces of the design. These emblems were made of aluminum and placed on the car with four small screws. The cars were a special paint code with - - listed on the cowl tag, and they had Z28 stripes on the hood only (notice the stripes on the cars shown in the old advertisements).

This car is very different from other Denver Hugger Specials in that it may be the only RS/SS Denver Hugger Special, and it's a 4 speed with a 12 bolt rear end. Most of the cars were very plain, and a friend of mine from Colorado used to own a Denver Hugger Special that was a six cylinder with an automatic transmission.

This car has the original engine, M20 4 speed transmission and rear end. It does have a few parts missing, such as the correct intake manifold, carburetor, air cleaner, and rally wheels rather than the SS wheels (although I think they look great). This car is in need of interior work, such as new door panels (the old ones have big holes from the speakers that were mounted there), a new dash pad, and the mouse hotel headliner! I appreciate your help in getting this featured.

Thanks Greg

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Wonder if the car originally had a D90 stripe or did it have accent pinstripes over the wheel arches?
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Not sure what it is about that colour, I find these impossibly gorgeous.

I distinctly recall in the 80's an SS/RS small block car in our town that was Carolina blue.
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What a cool car!
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Super Cool car!! Thanks for posting.
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Cool car Greg. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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I wondered about the D80 stripes, also. The original add shows the stripes.
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