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Default Mr4speed (aka Russell Rosales) 1970 Z28 Camaro

Hi Bruce-

Here's what I know so far.

Stephen (the original owner) was in Vietnam when the new 70 Z/28 Camaro came out and told his buddyís if he makes it out alive he was going to buy one!

So when he got home the first thing he did was go down to Hubbard Chevrolet in Salem Oregon and buy one, in Daytona Yellow. He cruised the car around for awhile as is-then decided to turn it into a Street Freak show car.

In 1974 he had it painted as it is now and showed it the Portland roadster show with a super charged LT1. Soon after that show he took the car apart to do further mods and never got it back together. The Camaro sat until 2014, then was sold to the second owner. I bought it from the 2nd owner who never did anything with it.

Unfortunately the original drive train is missing so I picked up a 396 from a 70 Chevelle and a 4 speed and put it back together. Car is in amazing rust free condition and the paint looks like it was applied yesterday!

Thanks Bruce for sharing this awesome survivor!

By the way-It looks like itís going to be awhile before I can get the Vintage pictures. The original owner is 73 and not tech savvy, so Iím going to plan a road trip in the spring to get them.

Name:  tn_1.JPG
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Name:  tn_22.JPG
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Name:  tn_23.JPG
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At the Portland Roadster Show

Name:  tn_24.JPG
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70's goodness right there! Love it!
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WOW!!!! how cool is this!!!
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When you look up "badass" in the dictionary...
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That is a beautiful Camaro, Thanks for sharing!
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I don't even have words. Thank you for posting this, as well as thanks to the current owner for keeping it alive. Far out indeed!
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If you have a solid lifter 1st gen Camaro please contact me as I'd like to add your cars info to our database!
All info is kept confidential and private..

[email protected] or click the link to add your car's info to the database. Camaro Data Research Form

Need original parts for your 1st gen Camaro? Email me your needs to:

[email protected]

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Where was this car when I put together the “Day2” Showcase at MCACN.

Sure would have love to have it MCACN....when we do another Day2 Showcase in a few years.....LOVE IT!

Be safe Everyone.

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Default 70 z28

All it needs is some wire wheels like in the picture , somehow they just suit it . Very cool indeed .
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