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Default Ad Bump-TTT

Recently we've had an increase of members bumping their for sale ads to the top. This is unfair to members posting "new" ads because this moves them down and in some cased to the second page.

Moving forward you can only bump your ad after 30days from initial listing. Also please refrain from having friends posting on your ad to bump to the top as well.

When listing several items, it is preferred to list them in a single post. Again this limits bumping ads.

As always I appreciate your support....
Steve Shauger
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Makes sense but concerning too is how members posting multiple/individual ads in a short time period pushes recent topics right off the current pages.
If a seller prefers individual item ads instead of one ad listing multiple items available, how 'bout a daily limit like maybe 6x ads a day or???

~ Pete

I like real cars best...especially the REAL real ones!
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