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Old 05-05-2021, 11:31 PM
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Default Fears about infrastructure

Fears about infrastructure (copied and edited from a popular automotive magazine)
Honda and others goes all in on electric vehicles by 2040 ... some even earlier. As with all the others rushing to go all electric, there remain concerns. As we all found out recently in Texas, the power grid was not up to it at all. With no nuclear or coal expansion, wind will not be reliable enough to sustain the demand for electric vehicles Ö neither will solar. If these vehicles are all here by 2030 or even 2035, demanding the capacity for charging, the cost for satisfying their needs will also drive up residential as well as commercial rates for businesses. We will just be back to where we are paying today for fuel. The infrastructure may not be ready for it when all the vehicles when they are here for consumers to buy. Want a peek at what I mean? Today we still drive on 1960s-vintage two lane interstate highways.
You've never lived until you've almost died -- for those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know!
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I've been thinking and talking about this for a few years now. There is absolutely no way that we are ready for a wholesale change to EV's. I always thought that McDonalds owners should set up a few EV charging stations at their restaurants that are located at each exit. Could you imagine the business they will get? Charge something for the use of the electricity and reap the benefits of people having a 1/2 hour to an hour of downtime.

Anyway, I still don't see the range anxiety going away nor do I see anyone wanting to sit for a half hour or hour at each rest stop/charging station when making long distance trips. Unless the batteries improve in range and charging time, there's no way *most people are going to make the EV switch. I know I won't.
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John 10:30
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All EV's? HaHa! Where's the electricity coming from? Not to mention the grid which has to handle all this added capacity. Not to mention the batteries. Electricity is the long term answer, but somebody better start thinking about nuclear power plants, and an upgraded grid to carry the power. All energy, either directly or indirectly, is the result of a nuclear reaction. Think the sun. The only energy man can generate on earth is nuclear. I'm wondering how many years it will take for the wind and solar power fantasy to be replaced by reality.
Jimmy V.
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18 days, 6700 miles, New York to Sacramento, and only had to recharge 32 times. Google says a gas powered car can make the trip in 42 hours and only needs to go 2800+ miles. Lectrics must be for those that are looking for a more leisurely existence, or something. It sure ain't my cuppa tea.
John Brown

This isn't rocket surgery.....
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My chiropractor is gung-ho on EVs, drive a Tesla, solar panels on his office roof, all he wants to talk about. Brags about heating and cooling the office, charging the Tesla for all his travels and selling power back to the energy co.
When I bring up battery manufacturing and use of precious metals, plus recycling issues, sidesteps the subject.
HD trucks, told him I'll stick with my Duramax. "Oh, I guess an EV would have too much torque for you". I ask range towing 7,500lbs. "maybe 300 miles". Ah, ok, when I hook up to go, it's usually 600-1,200 miles. Where is there a charging station to park a 54' rig for an hour?? Or over night??

Bill W
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I love torque and EV's can give it all to you instantly if it wants to. I have faith in how technology is progressing so rapidly. I think smart people will solve range, battery design etc because of how much money can be made...........Plus I'm 68 years old and will be drinking out of a sippy cup by the time gas cars are outlawed...Good luck youngsters.....
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Originally Posted by Charley Lillard View Post
..Plus I'm 68 years old and will be drinking out of a sippy cup by the time gas cars are outlawed...Good luck youngsters.....
One year behind you.

Iím going to enjoy smelling that gasoline for the rest of my days!
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I'm putting all my money into sippy cups.
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For anyone who has not driven an electric car here is a good video that is still quite current in showing how and why the infrastructure sucks.

The simple reason why this current electric technology is again doomed to fail is as plain as the nose on your face.

Life is way too short.

The only way it is accepted is if it is literally forced upon the population, which seems to be part of "the plan".

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is ignored. Third, it is grudgingly accepted as being self-evident".


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Any wholesale technological shift in human history has involved dragging naysayers kicking and screaming into progress. It will happen, it always does. Smarter people will figure it out and one day it's normal. We are many days away from it, but it will happen - guaranteed. My son is 10; I'd like him and his children to enjoy this beautiful planet God gave us, in some semblance of its original form - not the cesspool we have created. I have faith we'll get there.
I ain't nobody, dork.
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