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----I have been renting practicly new Mercedes from SIXT for a while now. No more expensive than a lot of other rental companies. Of course, right now all bets are off!.....Bill S
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Originally Posted by Unreal View Post
I know this is a forum, mostly about vintage Shelbys, but I thought I'd post anyway,
I just purchased a 2019 Shelby Sixt 6-speed convertible. Sixt is the largest rental car company in the world, but is largely unknown in the US. The collaboration between Shelby and Sixt was to attempt to enter the high performance rental arena, and to also improve brand recognition. Shelby made 20 automatic coupes with 600hp, for rental in LA, Las Vegas, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. They made one 6 speed convertible with 700+ hp (one guy at Shelby estimates 760hp) It is serial # 0001, and was used initially for promotion, and then, I am told, was used by the CEO of Sixt. I have contacted Sixt to confirm.

The selling Ford dealer tried to represent it as one of one, and technically, it is, but I did not pay a premium over any other late model Shelby GT convertible, which are fairly rare.

Nonetheless, I'm still curious what others think about its value, now and future. I know it took a long time for the hobby to recognize the Shelby GT350 H as an equal, and I expect the same may be true for the Shelby GT-S.

I welcome any comments, positive or negative.
I was searching online. I just purchased number 3 car.
Im also wondering where it fits in history. The thing is if it has any value it wont be a for a very long time. The best you can hope for it is holds its value. I bought a 2013 GT500 new paid 65k for it, today is worth close to the same as new.
Thats is what is cool about the cat. Mines the 10 speed auto, Im not a huge fan of that tranny. Hoping to work out a few bugs. Trying to understand what tune is in it now or where it can be had.
Id like to know all the owners in this series.
The best thing also is regardless of what its worth down the line, it is unique, genuine and should totally increase in value.
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Old 10-03-2021, 07:29 AM
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I purchased my convertible (CSM19SXT0001) from Crater Lake Ford, Medford, Oregon. They also had a Black/orange stripe coupe for sale. Is that the one you purchased?

All 20 coupes are automatics, and utilize the Edelbrock/Shelby blower, configured to 600+ hp. The convertible is a 6 speed, and utilizes the Roush-Ford Performance/Shelby blower, configured to 700+hp. Not sure why they used two different superchargers, as I understand the Edelbrock/Shelby one can be re-configured for up to 1000hp, although I think stronger half-shafts are recommended. I would worry about upping mine as I'm not sure the Getrag MT82-D4 could handle it. I think the 10 speed auto would handle it, easily. I'll bet yours was programmed to limit top end speed, since it was in Sixt's rental fleet. Since mine was driven by the CEO, Sebastian Birkel, I don't know it it did or not, but I'll never test it out!

I was told by a Shelby employee, that mine actually puts out more like 760hp, and, after driving it for a couple of weeks, that is plenty of horsepower for me, so I would not consider having it reconfigured.

One other thing, if you are interested, I had a problem getting proper insurance for mine. My regular insurance company, State Farm, wanted to insure it as an regular Mustang GT, based on the VIN, meaning it would be way, way underinsured. I ended up getting Haggerty Agreed Value, at my purchase price, although it took almost a week for underwriting to approve it. I've had Haggerty for my 69 Yenko Tribute for 20+ years, with no claims. Not sure if that had anything to do with getting it approved.

As for future value, who knows? If mine holds its value, or goes up, great. If its value drops like a rock, that's OK, too, as I bought it to enjoy. My advice is, enjoy it, but take care of it, and let the chips fall where they may.

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