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Originally Posted by cook_dw View Post
I actually called and talked to double tree which is where I’m staying and they said they have oversized parking and enclosed wasn’t a problem. So idk. Guess I’ll see when I get there. Thanks guys! Should be fun. Look forward to meeting some folks from the forum.
Lots of good insight and tips here.

Our crew is VERY committed to making move-in and out as easy as possible. Believe me...it is a logistical nightmare, so patience is the key.

The Oversize lot at the DoubleTree will accommodate Duallies and box trucks, but it is not set up for trailers. Our Marshalling Yard is set up to accommodate trucks and trailers and we have onsite security there 24/7 starting on Thursday.

Best tip; Read ALL of the instructions we send you, Every possible scenerio is covered, along with maps and a time for you to arrive. This will be sent to you about 3 weeks before the show and it is multiple pages.

Please Note that you can always come AFTER the scheduled time, but not before. If you come earlier, you will most likely have a wait, as we move in vehicles based on show floor placement and some spots impede move-in, especially Thursday.

Keep the questions coming! Knowing what to expect in advance is key to having the best possible.

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