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Old 11-29-2022, 02:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Keith Seymore View Post
I think it was much less intentional than what this would imply.

The discovery of the Pontiac information was a "happy accident" that we can attribute purely to Fred Simmonds.

Chevrolet was just too big and too spread out to have such a convenient, centralized location for all the information to reside (and subsequently be discovered).

im not sure how far back fred simmons was messing with the sheets (i didnt meet fred until after jim took it over), but back in the late 70's i just randomly called pontiac headquarters and asked about any info i might be able to get on my 70 trans am and they transferred me to a guy named carl klessic (cant remember now on the spelling). he was super nice and said he really didnt know but would see what he could find out. he called me back and said he found paperwork on my car and he and i became very friendly to the point thru the 80's i would call his office and his home phone with a vin and he would call me back and tell me if a car was a real one. he also introduced me to john sawruck. in the mid/late 80's i let tim dye know about this service and he posted it in the poci (if i remember correctly) magazine which then overwhelmed them and they shut it down. then came jim mattison who managed to work out a deal with them and it became PHS services. the rest is history.
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