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Old 05-31-2019, 06:05 PM
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Default Last day at work

Big day today, after 48 years,4 months and 13 days I am retiring. I started my career in St Johns, Newfoundland for Dun and Bradstreet Canada and stayed for 16 years working in 5 branch offices and had work experience in 7 of our 10 provinces. By 1986 I got the entrepreneurial bug and Started DTM Systems with two partners and came here to work full time in Jan 1987. Its been a great ride. I had a 7-year foray into the automotive business that I soon learned you cannot combine a passion for cars and business.
Over the course of a 48.364 years I have meet many great people, many of whom are still friends today.
Coworkers, customers and partner suppliers have been the best. I have enjoyed everyday at work and will ensure I keep contact through social events.

I am turning over management of DTM to three extremely capable people who have 65 years of collective experience with DTM. The future is in good hands. I will continue to be available as mentor and advisor as needed.
Its important to have something to retire into. I my case I have 3 grandchildren, that I am looking forward to spending more time with. My wife Heather has a list of great places she wants us to travel to, and I have the hobby of restoring classic cars that has been a salvation on more than one occasion over my working career. And then there is golf, I have long ago recognized I will never be a great golfer, however its all about the people you connect with and there is no better way to meet new people faster than picking up the wrong golf ball.

Monday June 3 will be my first official day of retirement, plans are to get a coffee from Tim Hortons, enjoy it on the patio with Heather, maybe wash the car, visit Moze (5 month old grand son). Visit the construction site of our new townhouse, might play 9 holes of golf just to say I did. I will finish the day with a glass of Pinot Noir. (wait a minute that is nothing new) and plan the next day, who knows.
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Semper Fi!

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Congratulations Paul! Much deserved... you paid your dues. Ironically two co-workers who 43 & 45 years with our company retired today. They will certainly be missed. I've a couple more years, but very much look forward to not having a work schedule.
Steve Shauger
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Congrats Paul and enjoy your retirement!
One of my pals is retiring today too but unless something changes, it'll be a few more years before it can happen for me.

~ Pete

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Congrats! You’ve earned it!
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Great...congrats Paul!
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Great to hear another, “there is light at the end of the tunnel” story!

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Good move Paul, enjoy
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