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Default Doug Perry's 1967 Yenko Camaro (YS760)

There are Yenkos .....and then "There's Super Man" !

Born in Canonsburg Pennsylvania March 7, 1968, this car was the brainchild of John Weaver who lived in Latrobe Pennsylvania as an 18 year old gear head. John's father helped foster young John's idea of owning a real muscle car. While looking at Corvettes in the beginning and understanding that the insurance rates were going to be outrageous, John had convinced himself to go to Yenko Chevrolet armed with his Baldwin Motion catalogue as he set out to order/build his own hot rod.

Upon arrival he met an energetic salesman named Ron Lane who with the help of Don Yenko himself was able to make John's vision a reality . John's vision cost a mere $5,242.08 a pretty hefty price in 1968. Known as YS760 ...this Supercar is the last converted 67 Camaro at Yenko Chevrolet. With a mere 7,257 original miles the car is loaded with options as indicated on the 6 pages of dealer documentation as well as protect-o-plate.

John enjoyed the car from the beginning by taking rides down the strip at Keystone Raceway and winning his fair share of races.Uncle Sam interrupted the fun and John was off to another chapter in his life.A family was started and cars didn't seem as important as raising a family so the car sat in a heated garage for nearly 45 years.

In 2018 John agreed to watch his pride and joy morph into what is now known as Super Man . Frank Arone and Matt Barczak of Arone Restorations as well as Matt Lamer, Dave Mc Gaffee and Brian Potter spearheaded the restoration and John was there every step of the way including the day in which John got to watch Frank Arone lay down the beautiful Nantucket Blue Sikkens paint. Seeing John stare through the windows of the paint booth you could see the excitement and pacing just as an expectant father on delivery day.

The car has enjoyed several national shows including scoring platinum at the prestigious Camaro Nationals Legends Class. As of this writing many thanks to so many people that gave of themselves including John Weaver, Frank Arone, Matt Barczak, Matt Lamer, Dave Mc Gaffee, Amy Dailey ,Lane Dailey, Austin Perry and Mr. Camaro himself ...Larry Christensen.

Well Done Mr.John L. Weaver!

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