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Default 69 COPO Chevelle Roger D

Moved from members rides to Supercar Features

Purchased new August 19, 1969 from Bill Allen Chevrolet . . .
As soon as I read details in the Dick Harrell MSRP, I decided to buy it . . .
Copy of the original paperwork (saved originals in the bank box) . . .

And finally completed and proudly showing it publicly (edited by Bruce to add photos!)

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Steve Shauger
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Man Steve - glad to see you cleaning house and putting these deserving super cars in their rightful place!!!!

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"This is Sheriff Buford T. Justice, I'm in pursuit of a black Trans Am, he is all mine so stay out of the way"
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Roger is smiling down


69 300 Deluxe Post Sedan Frost Green
69 SS396 300 Deluxe Post Sedan Lemans Blue SOLD
70 Buick Skylark Post Sedan Gulfstream Blue
70 Buick Skylark Post Sedan Burnished Saddle


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Well Done!!!! Thanks Steve

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