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Old 05-02-2024, 02:31 PM
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Default Fake yenko!!!!

The car listed in the link below is a complete and total fraud!!! I am the fourth owner of this, car and am the original restorer, and redid the car in the late 90's. It's listed as a Cadillac brown, which is incorrect! It was ordered with a Cadillac brown, but GM kicked the order back as Cadillac colors only got put on Cadillacs, so Bill Bosco (original ordering owner) agreed to have it sprayed a Buick brown. I painted it Black. Brian Henderson bought it from me in the early 2000's. He was WELL aware of the TRUE history of the car, including the fact that the engine (although correct and stamped) was NOT the original born with motor.
Bill Bosco ordered and waited for the car, which COMPLETELY flys in the face of Supercar Workshops story of it being an "unconverted Yenko". If that were true, Bosco would have picked it from stock, not ordered and waited!!
I know EVERY owner of this car from the day it was new, and they're ALL still alive!
Once again, Brian Henderson from Supercar Workshop has misrepresented ANOTHER car that is not what it appears!!
I would stand in front of ANY judge or attorney, or be glad to put the 4 previous owners in front of ANYBODY who doubts what I'm saying. Sooo much BS!!! How many times can he get away with this nonsense!!!!
Can't wait to hear from all the haters!!!

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The presenter makes a LOT of misstatements, but he does say that its an unconverted L78 Nova delivered to Yenko Chevrolet. Obviously not worth anywhere near what a converted car would be worth. I don't have a dog in the hunt, but what is it that Brian has misrepresented? Has he said that it maintains the factory installed engine? Or that it was factory painted Cad brown instead of Buick brown? Just trying to understand exactly what you are accusing Brian of.
Old 05-02-2024, 06:00 PM
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The original poster joined today and sold the car in early 2000's. Not sure why he has an issue now. The present owner in the video purchased it from several owners after.
Steve Shauger
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Old 05-02-2024, 11:06 PM
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For those who follow the Yenko Novas a bit closer please fill in the blanks.

Is the cars order number / body number in close sequence to the list of 38 cars ordered to be converted? No real reason why a special order paint request could not have been included in the batch of 38 Novas.

It was also my understanding that the original owner had the original 396 removed and that it was converted to a 427ci Super Car, by Warren Dernoshek in his garage at home, which would be a very interesting piece of Yenko History.

Cadillac "Firemist" colors were indeed available on other GM lines. I have a low miles 1970 W-31, which I aquired from the original owner. It is a - - paint code with GM of Canada Paper work as well as dealer paperwork to support the Nottingham Green Fire Mist paint. The original owners wife worked at GM and they followed the car as it was put on a rail car and delivered in primer to the Cadillac Plant from the Oldsmobile plant in order to be painted. (Not my story but the Original Owner).
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Warren is a great guy, and true contributor to our hobby. However, supercars are dealer converted. They are not converted at home. At least that’s the criteria here.
Old 05-03-2024, 12:00 AM
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I believe it has been listed in your Registry for many years. It doesn't matter to me how its classified, I was just trying to get the details regarding the car, correct.
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So wait…the guy who painted it black is upset it’s not the right shade of Bronze?
Joe Barr
Old 05-03-2024, 04:05 AM
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After watching the video and visiting their website, I couldn’t find a VIN or trim tag, because it’s not for sale. Without that or all of the relative documentation, it’s impossible to prove a claim such as the OP has done. Plus, It’s just a feature car that lives in a museum. And it’s kinda cool.
Old 05-03-2024, 06:58 AM
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First, I give very little value to ‘unconverted’ Yenkos compared to any other 375 hp car, but apparently others give great value to these ‘ unconverted’ cars.
I assume this car has the magic mirror cowl tag or body sequence that fits known cars?
That being said, I see a huge difference (atleast in value) if the car was ordered by Yenko for stock with the intention to be a future “ Yenko 427” as opposed to an owner ordered and bought car that was never intended to be converted.

I believe this also may give doubt to other ‘unconverted’ cars. If the poster of this thread is correct( I see no reason for him to lie), the car is being misrepresented in the video.

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