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Work in progress . Was there a person (friend, older brother or father) event, TV commercial racing program, or just seeing certain car drive by that caught your eye?? If you only focus on one brand or model, why? What drew you to that brand/model? When did you get started? (We all have had both pleasant and unpleasant experiences, especially when we started out).

Back in 82 my dad bought me a 67 Chevelle Malibu for my first car. It  was sitting in the back lot of the Dodge dealer he managed. He asked me if i wanted it and as a 16 year old would, of course i said yes, had it cleaned up and got it running, Butterbut yellow and black bench seat interior. I drove that Chevelle for 3 years and sold it to buy a 73 Grand Prix that had more cubes and a Turbo 400 tranny..

What was your first musclecar, and how long have you been in the hobby and why?

This is my first musclecar. I have wrenched since 15 years old, life happens and finally got back at it in 2016.

Are any of your family members involved (i.e. parents, siblings or children)?

My kids are, #25 & #28.

Do you restore or maintain your cars and how did you acquire the skills?

I did the frame off and back on for this 67.  I helped with the painting, I was the "Mixing boy", the rest is self performed, interior upholstery, differential rebuild, glass and complete assembly, the vinyl top and the engine were the two things I had done by others. I guess mom & dad passed on the skills..

Where do your interests lie? Restored, survivor or day two cars?

I like all three types.

Restored shows a someones level of skill set whether it be by a shop or owner.

Survivors show how lucky the guy is to find or hold onto one.

Day2 is for the guy that has the respect to not hack up a car but personalize it just enough to his liking.

I went from restored original to Day2.

Did/do you race any cars over the years?

Not legally

What show(s) do you attend and/or what clubs do you belong to?

I've shown, I would rather walk it and look, not much for sitting in one lace to long, no clubs around here that I know of.that I know of.

Best car related story you can share. Worst car related story you can share

Wish I had all the ones I wrecked

If you could have ANY car, no matter the cost, what would be your "DREAM"car to own?

Champagne taste on a beer budget

67 Shelby GT500, that Nightmist Blue with the white stripes, black gut, 428  2x4, Inboard grill lighting, 4 speed of course.

68 Shelby GT500, that Acapulco Blue with the white stripes, black gut, 10 Spoke rims, 4 speed of course.

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