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Default 1970 Nova Supercars

Updated February 12, 2022

Name:  tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-001.jpg
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Name:  tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-002.jpg
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Name:  tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-003.jpg
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Name:  tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-004.jpg
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Name:  tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-005.jpg
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Name:  tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-006.jpg
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Name:  tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-007.jpg
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Name:  tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-008.jpg
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Name:  tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-009.jpg
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Attachments - The Supercar Registry tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-009.jpg tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-008.jpg tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-007.jpg tn_book SYC deuce 2-9-22-page-006.jpg
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Can you tell me on the 1970 nova registry why some are ys and some are hys for the yenko number?
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Old 06-19-2017, 03:18 PM
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Probably a reference to "Hurst" converted cars. I.e. the last batch of YENKO Novas were modded by Hurst in Warminster, PA.

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